A bi-weekly email based newsletter that highlights upcoming opportunities (i.e. summer programs, research internships, STEM scholarships etc), scientific breakthroughs, and updates about STEMchats’ many programs. A few things that will be in each edition of the newsletter include a "STEM Spotlight" of a teenager making big moves in the STEM field, a short video showing something groundbreaking scientific phenomenons, and at least 3 summaries of STEM breakthroughs. Ultimately, the goal of STEMlights is to provide teens with important STEM information in a creative and interesting way.


With the acronym representing the International Journal of Youth in Science, this program aims to be the premier scientific journal for that showcases the highest levels of pre-collegiate research from high school students around the globe. A double-blind review process ensures that all segments of submissions are equally represented , to help accommodate for the fact that some students may not have access to high-quality labs or other resources to leverage. Finalists selected for publication to the journal are invited to get involved with internships and volunteer opportunities at scientific research institutions.