STEMchats’ programs are divided into the categories of Celebrate, Stimulate, and Innovate. Our programs are uniquely designed to impact all students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing a transformative peer-to-peer STEM education.


Celebrate programs are designed to inspire students by highlighting the impactful things that students with strong STEM backgrounds are capable of through written journals and newsletters, bridging the divide between science and society.

STEMlights: a bi-weekly email-based newsletter that highlights upcoming opportunities (i.e. summer programs, research internships, stem scholarships etc), scientific breakthroughs, and updates about stemchats' many programs.

IJOYIS: (international journal of youth in science) a formal scientific journal that publishes original scientific research performed by high school students from all around the world.


Stimulate programs teach students about fascinating scientific concepts through hands-on workshops, taught with the peer-to-peer technique, at underserved schools that demonstrate the positive and transformative applications of stem in the real world.

United Engineers: a workshop program for middle school students that allows them to learn the basic concepts of engineering (1st 4 Weeks). After that, students will split up into groups to develop an innovative solution that addresses one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2nd 4 weeks).

STEMchats Institute: a two-part workshop series that aims to cultivate curiosity in the STEM fields among local underrepresented middle schoolers. In Part A, after school science workshops will be held at individual middle schools to show students how exciting STEM can be. In Part B, students will be educated about real-world issues that can be tackled through scientific inquiry through a cumulative research-based curriculum.


Innovate programs connect students’ natural curiosity to opportunities that help them apply it through producing their own original work, such as the opportunity to conduct lab-based research projects and to write engaging articles about science.

i-STEM Scholars: a research program that connects underprivileged high school students internationally with a local professor to perform quality pre-collegiate stem research. selected students will also receive mini-grants from stemchats to fund their research.