Our Differentiators

There are hundreds of STEM outreach organizations, yet STEMchats is unlike any of them. Our student-led organization allow us to capitalize off of youth insights and enterprise to drive bottom-up social change in order to offer two unique business propositions.

  • Our team consist of mostly first-generation + low-income students (FGLI) , as well as women and LGBTQ+ students. This puts us in a unique position to fully understand the problems that these disadvantaged communities face and allows us to build groundbreaking STEM educational initiatives to tackle the root of the problem.

  • Our unique funneling model builds long-lasting relationships between STEMchats members and our target communities. Through our selective fellowship program, the most promising students impacted by our initiatives join the team and eventually become full team members to eventually create their own STEM outreach programs.

Our Benefits

As a STEMchats team member, high school and college students will be able to have access to a global network of resources, people, and organizations. We at STEMchats value not only the gained experience but the vast range of benefits of being a team member.

  • Work with and learn from some of the highest achieving and driven Gen-Z students. Our team consists of students attending some of the most prestigious research institutions such as Stanford, MIT, Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, Emory University, University of Michigan, University of San Francisco, and more.

  • Develop invaluable skills through real-world work experience, including critical thinking, program development, leadership, oral communication, written communication, teaching, problem-solving, teamwork, marketing, and graphic design.

  • Tackle the problem of inequitable stem education on a global scale through our programs, including multiple series of scientific workshops, a peer-review scientific journal, a stipend research program for disadvantaged students, and much more!